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About the Film

Radiohead Were Here is a short film about one man’s quest to shop in Waitrose in peace. It’s also a homage to one of the greatest British bands of all time. It’s also love song to Oxford’s local music scene, as told by the people who know it best. But really, it’s just some funny stories about stalking Thom Yorke.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

@sweetnlowfilms are now on twitter

although we are still trying to figure out exactly how it works.  Having made a whole film about other people following Thom Yorke, "following" him on Twitter seemed too good to resist.

In other news, the film has reached global radiohead fans thanks to Green Plastic Radiohead's blog.  It's been a particular hit in France, apparently, after being picked up by this fansite.  The guys at Green Plastic have put together a handy little guide to Radiohead's Oxford, which you can now use with Foursquare.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

the film is finished!

After many hours spent trying to edit the footage into something coherent, the film is finally finished!  Thanks to all those involved, and don't forget to check out the bands who feature - Spring Offensive, Ben Phillips, The Scholars, Empire Safari, Inlight, The Evenings, and Little Fish.  Long live Oxford music.